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Change Healthcare (known as Emdeon before rebranding in 2015, which followed the purchase of a pre-existing company called Change Healthcare) is a provider of revenue and payment cycle management and clinical information exchange solutions, connecting payers, providers, and patients in the U.S. healthcare system. The name also refers to a company founded in 2007 which subsequently became part of the current conglomerate. The company operates the largest financial and administrative information exchange in the United States.

A former employee mentions in a review, "Poor work culture at Emdeon with no real employee development. No leadership and bad communication throughout the company. Poor treatment unless you are a favorite."


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Account Manager says

"There is a lack of accountability."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Found that in my division, if you were not in the good ol boys club, there were limited opportunities. You were OK if you went along with everything that they wanted, but if you disagreed they made your life miserable to get you out so they can replace you with a "yes" person. Some of the people running my division were pretty ruthless with questionable values and ethics. It was all about advancing their own personal agendas."

Former Employee - QA Analyst says

"Management needs to seriously tap into local resources instead of always having to rush straight to outsourcing for the cheap labor 'benefits'. After all low quality begets low quality, is that the image you want, Emdeon?"

Former Employee - Human Resources says

"The hardest parts of working at Emdeon is their management teams and total lack of accountability. As Emdeon gobbles up and tries to assimilate yet another company, the issues from the last one are never addressed creating a never-ending snowball effect of mismanagement and failed leadership struggles."

Former Employee - Not Listed By Choice says

"The company is so broken in their internal processes, you can not go to one person to get an answer it goes to multiple before you get what you need. There are too many layers of command, it was very frustrating in trying to get anything accomplished. Promises are made to clients that can't be kept due to products not being ready, I like a more conservative approach than broken promises, always makes a company look bad to miss deadlines. For Emdeon to be as big as they are and claim to be a front runner in healthcare technology, there are many things they still operate from old technical days. Too many systems, usernames/passwords,too many place to pull data and information, invoices, etc. It should be a seamless process."

Former Employee - Resolve Applications Team Leader says

"Company ran by high school politics and work comes second. It is a game of who can throw each other under the bigger bus. Most management is not trained or supervised for appropriate and ethical management practices. Even as a manager you are not compensated well enough to support a family. Everyone is expected to work additional time regardless of rank in the hierarchy."

Former Employee - Resolve Applications Team Leader says

"Pay not competitive, no work life balance. Upper management either micro manages or has little to no knowledge of process, procedures, state and federal regulations needed in day to day business. Upper management consist of employees who have been with the company for several years and are disconnected from current barriers of the business. Long-Term employees do not value innovation or change, which has deeply slowed progression within Chamberlin compared to Emdeon."

Customer Service Representative iii/Online Support (Former Employee) says

"Emdeon wasFast pace call center that did not focus on customer satisfaction that left the company with a lot of problems. Lacked a clear focus and leadership.N/aN/a"

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